Manual SMS Uprising: Mobile Activism in Africa

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  1. SMS uprising : mobile phone activism in Africa.
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Overview Theories of institutional change Theories of behaviour change. Campaign approaches.

SMS and mobile phone campaigning

Campaigns for behaviour change Campaigns for institutional change Calling for urgent attention to specific cases. Campaign Strategy. Essential issues. Overview Key elements of an effective campaign strategy Multi-pronged strategies Campaigning as part of wider efforts to end VAW.

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Setting the campaign goal, outcomes and timing. Setting the campaign goal Setting the campaign objectives or desired outcomes Setting the time frame. Identifying stakeholders and target audiences. Overview Identifying target audiences Key tools to identify targets Getting to know the target audience. Building and framing a campaign alliance. Advantages of campaign alliances Framing an alliance Practical steps in alliance building. Exit, adapting and scaling-up strategies.

Exit strategy Adapting successful or promising campaign models Scaling up. Campaign Implementation. Leading the campaign Ingredients of effective campaign management Campaign staff and volunteers. The art of collaboration in alliances. Ways of working together Effective steering structures Overcoming challenges in alliances.

Managing conflicts and unforeseen crises. Conflict management Conflict prevention Conflict analysis and resolution in groups Dealing with unforeseen crises.

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Concluding a campaign. Reaching goals Terminating or transforming a campaign alliance Issues to consider when ending a campaign. Campaign Communication. Key steps in designing a communications strategy Essential factors for an effective communication strategy Sample communication strategies. Crafting the campaign message.

Key elements of the campaign message Questions to consider when crafting the message Ethical considerations in messages on VAW. Choosing communication techniques and tools.

Overview Which communications techniques and tools will work for the campaign? Determining communication channels. Using the media. Printed materials. Overview General tips on printed materials Campaign logo Print materials for reading Common print materials used in campaigns. Campaign leaflets and brochures Campaign posters, postcards, stickers, buttons, and t-shirts Comic books Newsletters Advertisements in the press Printed material for display.

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Audio-visual media. Purpose-driven audio-visual tools When does it make sense to use audio-visual tools? Public service announcements Educational entertainment Edutainment Video, film and radio. Digital video Community radio.

SMS Uprising: Mobile Activism in Africa - Nathan Eagle - Google книги

Electronic campaigning. What is e-campaigning? When does it make sense to use e-campaigning? Tools in e-campaigning. Community mobilization. Overview Key issues in community mobilization Common activities in community mobilization. Clubs Community meetings Murals Wall paintings Cultural events Demonstrations Film screening and participatory video production Training for activists Participatory games. Policy briefs Model policies and research reports for advocacy Lobbying and question time Letters and petitions Demonstrations, marches and rallies Vigils Speeches and public statements Public hearings and mock tribunals Stunts and street theatre Alternative and shadow reporting as a campaign element Complaints and UN human rights monitoring bodies.

Monitoring and Evaluation. What is monitoring and evaluation? Key definitions Special considerations in monitoring and evaluating VAW campaigns Building a campaign monitoring and evaluation framework. Some indicators for campaign communications Indicators in behaviour change campaigns Indicators in institutional change campaigns Tools for defining indicators.

Data collection. Overview Tools for data collection. Focus group discussions Rapid assessment surveys and mini-surveys Role play Participatory sketching and photography Direct response tracking Data collection methodologies.

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Baseline assessment. What is a baseline assessment? The essential element is not high technology, but universality — and people on the ground who can frame questions, find or write software and then recruit users. SMS activists are the sons and daughters of the first generation of internet users — passionate about open source technology and shared experience. Theory is one thing: but where these essays really come alive is in the descriptions of projects that have already worked. Take Amanda Atwood's account of Kubatana , a social and political action initiative in Zimbabwe that began on the internet, but to extend its reach adapted Ken Bank's FrontlineSMS to send out regular news updates to people who had either no news source at all, or none that was trustworthy.

This was then developed to find out, during the delicate negotiations between Mugabe's Zanu-PF and the Movement for Democratic Change, what people wanted. It was soon discovered that the system was valued as much for its capacity to operate as a genuine information exchange, putting people from across the country in touch with one another. It triumphed at moments of crisis — during the elections, for example, where users were able to warn others of local developments.

Preparing for a mobile phone uprising in Africa

Results have not been officially announced yet. The MDC has claimed victory based on preliminary counts Some poll stations asking foreign borns for renunciation certificates. This is NOT a requirement SMS doesn't always work sometimes texts are just too slow. But this is a handbook for the small NGO or social change activist who is daunted by technology.

Help is at hand, and SMS Uprising will help you find it. Optimistic outlook But the optimists — and the activists like Christian Kreutz , who wrote the second essay in this collection — believe mobiles can extend participation, monitoring and transparency, decentralise networks and provide opportunities for local innovation.

Inside Story - The uprising that changed South Africa

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