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  1. How to Find Your Pressure Points - Experience Life
  2. Acupressure: Simple Steps to Health: Discover your Body's Powerpoints For Health and Relaxation
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How to Find Your Pressure Points - Experience Life

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Acupressure: Simple Steps to Health: Discover your Body's Powerpoints For Health and Relaxation

Dentistry Books Dentistry Books. Neuroscience Books Neuroscience Books. Nursing Books Nursing Books. Now, they are available to you updated for the 21st century … and your clients need them today more than ever! There is no denying that the constant stresses and strains of living in the fast-paced 21st century show up in your face as tension and premature aging. The truth is, every wrinkle is connected to an internal organ or an emotion, which is reflected in your health and appearance:.

Poor digestion? Your tissues will not be taut and firm; your skin will have a yellow cast Not breathing deeply? You will have dry skin with a pale, white-grey color Angry? Your skin will have a greenish tinge, and your jaw will be tight. The ancient Chinese knew that our faces mirror what's happening in our bodies. They knew that the underlying trauma of your life is held in the face: Accidents and injuries, emotional wounds, bereavement, life trauma, dental trauma, birth trauma, and health challenges all show up in your face directly affecting the radiance and luminosity of your face and skin.

In fact, the accumulation of years of stress, tension, trauma and even scar tissue - the same daily stressors that age and wither the tissues of the face - also affect the inner organs of the body. That's because nerves and energy meridians connect your face with much deeper areas inside your body. When these energy meridians get blocked, not only does your health and energy become compromised, but your face starts to show the ravages of time, pressure and stress.

Once these traumas get unlocked, the years can drop away. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to start to release the accumulation of years of stress, tension and trauma by using a unique system that combines facial acupressure with biodynamic cranio sacral therapy?

To reconnect with oneself, relax the overworked mind, body and face, and get back in touch with one's own authentic self in just a few easy minutes a day? It is also easy and very relaxing to do as a practitioner.

¿Está seguro?

Their decades of experience teaching Chinese Medicine and Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy, combined with the latest research, have evolved into an elegant and finely-honed method of working directly and efficiently with the face. They draw not only from the wisdom of the ancient Chinese sages and modern biodynamic cranio sacral therapists, but also from the latest research on brain science and the social engagement system, facial and cranial health, including facial and head trauma, bonding and attachment issues, and even autism.

Their Lange-Muller Method of Natural Facial Rejuvenation has been hailed by experts as revolutionary, because it is such a unique blend of oriental medicine and biodynamic cranio sacral therapy. This form of transformational face-lift massage is a blend of the best of traditional and modern healing touch.

Ac by her first acupuncture teacher, Dr. Frances Wong, in Hong Kong in the early 's. It's blended with skillful gentle touch that comes from the biodynamic craniosacral tradition to transform the face, the body and its structural balance. The Mullers have been active in the development of the biodynamic cranio sacral model since that time.

The Lange-Muller Method of Natural Facial Rejuvenation is so extraordinary because Lange and Muller not only re-discovered the secrets of the ancient Chinese sages, but they have discovered the "secret" behind the secret. You see, the sages knew that certain techniques unblocked meridians, released tensions and stress, and brought nourishment to the facial tissues. What they didn't know was what the exact mechanisms and the secret nutrients were. Lange and Muller have discovered that one of most important secret nutrients is Oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a powerful hormone that is often called the "feel good hormone. It gives humans the ability to empathize, trust, and even love one another. It has the ability to alleviate anxiety and produce feelings of trust and security and even arousal in the right situations. It is also anti-inflammatory and can be used to heal wounds. Lange and Muller have put their research, knowledge and decades of experience into their Home Study course, "Natural Facial Rejuvenation - 5 Minutes to a Younger Face:".

The amazing thing about the Lange-Muller Method of Natural Facial Rejuvenation is that their "Listening Touch" and "Laser Touch" techniques stimulate the release of oxytocin into the body, opening up the face and self-expression.

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You're flooded with an extraordinary heart-opening experience that's relaxing, energizing and joyful… and that gets reflected in your face - and in your life! We call it "Loving Touch" - or "Shen" in Chinese medicine. Not only that, but when these specific points and meridians on the face are "activated," they open up the movement of the Qi and blood - nourishing, re-hydrating, and toning the skin… and reducing the appearance of sagging skin and facial wrinkles. What's even better is that the method you'll learn about in "The Lange-Muller Method of Natural Facial Rejuvenation" doesn't just help the face; it also strengthens and invigorates the energy level of the entire body.

By strengthening the internal energy and vigor, you influence beauty from the inside out. The skin can't help but have a more youthful glow! This unique combination of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, with its gentle all-encompassing touch, and Facial Acupressure with its specific laser like focus, appears to start unlocking old trauma patterns held in the face in a loving, gentle way.

It wasn't surgical… and I look 20 years younger. Mindy N. Thank you for the spectacular sessions. The human body, I believe, was made to feel this way, but dealing with all the pollutants in today's world, it becomes increasingly more difficult to remain at "core. Again, thank you. I'm loving it! Dale M. I can't believe how easy and relaxing it was. Gwen M. Massage Therapist. It's relaxing. It's fantastic!

It's very relaxing, very calming, very centering. Dana G. And your clients don't need to sit in an awkward pose for hours in meditation or yoga to achieve these amazing results. It's simple, quick and very easy to do! Experts around the world are talking about the importance of the face in the areas of relationship, mother-baby bonding connection with the face is vital for enhanced bonding and attachment , effective communication, self-esteem and more. They also work with actors, teachers, public figures, speakers, business professionals, models, diplomats, health care practitioners, attorneys, yoga teachers and people in the entertainment industry and are using this rejuvenating system to help their clients look and feel better at any time of their busy day.

For orders from other countries, please contact us.

I feel wonderfully relaxed. It's kind of like… floating, the whole face feels like it's still releasing; it feels like it's… moving down the body and that even the ears dropped…. Everything's really relaxed. I'm just smiling. Something is very different about the big dent in my forehead from injury. Its not holding tightly anymore.

Victoria B, CranioSacral Practitioner. The soreness in my back - and my stomach felt better. I felt a warmth in my stomach that was good, and I felt this sea of energy fluctuating, and I was aware of my cerebral spinal fluid fluctuating. It brought a lot of awareness to what was going on internally - just by a simple technique.

That is one great technique - the 5 element technique! There's less redness; less green around my eyes. A lot less wrinkles. Van D, Esthetician. You'll see how the stress and tension start to drop away and gain the knowledge and skill to master these techniques. The 6 CDs and a Home Study Guide teach you how to do these sessions - not just on yourself, but also with a partner if you prefer. Plus, you will also get the fast version for easy daily instant access of energy and the slow, gentle, deeply regenerative version for when you need to wind down and relax.

Just picture yourself going about your life with rosy cheeks and circulation flowing fully to your face, and your whole body feeling relaxed and uplifted. Your face hasn't felt this toned and healthy in years! There's an energetic spring to your step and a gleam in your eyes. Your friends stop to take a closer look and wonder what you've done And frankly, you feel so much more connected with yourself from the inside out that you accomplish far more than you have in years.

Their ability to energize the body diminishes with age. But you can ONLY recharge and rejuvenate your energy, health, well-being and appearance and release trauma IF you know how to "open up the channels" and release the flow of life-force through the meridians. Our Natural Facial Rejuvenation home study course will show you how. Module 2: The Secrets of Facial Evaluation. Meridian Brain Balancing Exercise to balance the right and left sides of the brain and to enhance clarity and relaxation. Module 4: The Yang Laser Touch.

Includes the word for word self-help and partner sessions, protocols, discussions and reviews, along with indispensable checklists, a glossary and resources section. Stories about the Chinese medicine practitioners, Dr. Frances Wong and Susan Roche Hutson, whose insights and innovation inspired this program. And also the Western researchers who have taken us deeper into the richness and magical benefits of caring for the face. Interviews with Modern Day Masters:. Stephen W.

Porges has published more than peer-reviewed scientific papers across several disciplines including anesthesiology, critical care medicine, ergonomics, exercise physiology, gerontology, neurology, obstetrics, pediatrics, psychiatry, psychology, space medicine, and substance abuse. In , Dr Porges proposed the Polyvagal Theory, a theory that links the evolution of the vertebrate autonomic nervous system to the emergence of social behavior. The Polyvagal Theory provides a theoretical perspective to study and treat stress and trauma.

This is also known as the Social Engagement System.

Who's Behind the Lange-Muller Method?

Franklyn Sills, creator of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and early pioneer in the development of a biodynamic understanding and approach to Craniosacral Therapy, has been teaching his evolving work for over 25 years worldwide. Craniosacral Biodynamics is an approach to the teaching and practice of Craniosacral Therapy that acknowledges the deepest foundations of the human system.

Sills looks at the nature of early experience, the infant's neurology, and the importance of mirror neurons, attunement processes and felt-experience. He reviews facial dynamics in relationship to the social nervous system and early experience, which all affect healthy bonding and attachment processes. Rare video interview with Dr.

Raymond Castellino, D. This frank, insightful interview will help you understand the depth and history that go into this Natural Facial Rejuvenation Method. It will help you grasp that rather than being a quick superficial fix, it has a background of powerful research and profound experience. You will want to use them on yourself and on your friends on a daily basis for the rest of your life, saving yourself thousands of dollars of what it would cost to hire someone to do it for you - if you could even find anyone in your area who knew these techniques.

And unlike face creams, masks and peels which work from the outside in, you'll be generating beauty from the inside out by re-vitalizing yourself Lange and Muller invite you to discover how you can use this simple enriching system to enhance your face and your life! You'll be able help them to tap into this system on a daily basis for cumulative beneficial effects. By now, you may be asking yourself how much a system like this could be worth,… in terms of how much you might benefit from mastering this, how much it might save you in terms of your time, facial creams, procedures