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Since then, his extraordinary talents have made him local celebrity and seen him perform on TV shows around the world.

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A member of the Belgaum Roller Skating Academy, he has participated in various skating rallies organised to create awareness of social, educational and health issues. Importantly, according to his father, Rohan has never neglected his schoolwork, achieving top marks in his year-6 exams. Rohan, the only member of his family who roller-skates, says that he was inspired to learn after witnessing others perform. He says that he has never been injured, but encourages anyone interested in the activity to seek professional training.

Largest Motorcycle: Fabio Reggiani Italy — 5. Measuring 5. Led by year-old product designer Fabio Reggiani, it took a team of eight people seven months to build the vehicle. It is powered by a 5. Fabio from Reggio Emili, has recently added additional wheels for stability to the record-breaking vehicle.


The 4-and-half-year-old successfully crossed a rope measuring 3. Nick has no formal experience as a dog training, but says that he learnt techniques on the internet which have proven successful.

Guinness World Records app review - appPicker

Finally, one of the most eccentric new records to be included in the Guinness World Records book comes courtesy of a year-old British man. Guinness World of Records. The exhibition was one of a number of similar shows around the world and, as well as featuring world records, included a section dedicated to British achievements. As well as a number of souvenir brochures from the exhibition , , and we have some related items:. Prior to its opening in , pre-opening leaflets right were distributed to advertise the exhibition. They used the slogan, " You've read the book - now visit the show!

The leaflet pictured left is believed to date from around A preview tour and buffet lunch for invited guests took place on Tuesday 12th June, The standard medals below, right are the adult and child medals available after the opening. A window sticker "I have entered the Guinness World of Records" was also presented:.

Guinness World Records Day 2014 - Tallest and shortest men meet

Such exhibitions offered visitors the opportunity to buy badges, medals, patches, spoons, bookmarks, glasses, paperweights and other souvenirs; we'll feature a selection of these as we come across them:. In the late s possibly , Guinness Superlatives started a reference service in conjunction with James Service Limited. Entitled "The Guinness Bank of Knowledge", the service offered a telephone information line for journalists from "newspapers, magazines, radio and television".

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A call to the service would put the journalist in touch with an expert who would draw on his knowledge and information from the Guinness Book of Records and the Guinness Book of Answers to answer questions in 34 subject areas. Whilst Guinness Records are mostly associated with the series of records books, over the years a number of records-related products have been produced in other media.

Of course, there have been many TV shows and the famous World Records exhibitions , but there are a number of consumer products worth collecting if you come across them. It was published by UniDisc, Inc. The copy far right is the second edition produced for the Commodore Amiga in The copy pictured left is the first edition from The "big box" edition , left came with a special Grolier copy of the Bantam Guinness Book of Records.

The , Macintosh and editions are pictured above and right. Interactive Entertainment. The pack contained a small page booklet with photographs, additional information and a brief quiz. The cassettes came in a xmm box with a small instruction sheet. Each game was introduced and explained by Norris McWhirter.

What was the longest frankfurter ever made? Who was the shortest woman who ever lived?

5 new UAE world records stamped by Guinness for 2014

What is the world's hopscotch record? Hundreds of challenging questions from the "Guinness Book of World Records" for hours of fun. The films included " unique motion pictures of World record human achievements in sports, nature, science! Sadly, the show - which was scheduled for 47 venues across the UK - closed before the end of its tour.

Beer Mats. Collectors of beer mats tegestologists have a wide range of Guinness beer mats to collect. In the early s, Guinness produced some beer mats celebrating " 5 Million Guinness daily " and " Guinness - Him Strong ", which had records from the Guinness Book of Records on the reverse.

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We also have a later beer mat - " Guinness The record breaker " - with a set of 12 questions on the reverse and the hint, "You'll find the answers in the Guinness Book of Records". A number of stamps - and first day covers - related to the Guinness Book of Records and to records themselves have been produced over the years. We have a selection of these and there are others available, so this is an interesting part of collecting record-related items:.

Guinness Book of World Records 2014

We have 2 different 5x2 sheets and 17 different 4x4 sheets. Other Items. Throughout its history, Guinness has been extremely good at marketing its products, both for itself or in association with others. Guinness Superlatives, and latterly Guinness World Records, have also been very active in this area. We have accumulated a few items produced for promotional purposes, and some of these will be documented here. Date unknown, but the records appear to be from the edition.